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Application/Résumé Techniques and Theater Law

One day course on the subject of applying for a position in the theater and legal rights of the artist and the theater employer.
Block 1

Theater systems (German speaking region, Europe, USA)

Ensemble theater, repertoire – and seasonal (Stagione) system

Block 2

Possibilities in career planning

Building personal skills for personal marketing.

Using the Bühnenjahrbuch

Artists Agencies (Description of responsibilities of European Agents, brief view of legalities in the artist/agency relationship …)

Improving self-assessment

Professional application/résumé preparation

The Vocal Competition as opportunity for visibility among opera directors and agents. Introduction to the most important competitions in Europe.

Opera Studio – further studies or first career opportunity? Introduction to the most important Opera Studios in Europe.
Block 3

The first engagement – which aspects are important to consider? Guest engagement or fixed contract (1 or 2 years ex.), pre-assigned roles, number of performances, salary…?

The first contract – Analysis of typical fixed contracts for singers (NV Bühne)

Analysing a typical guest contract in the European system.

The singer’s duties and responsibilities (Introduction to procedures in a typical opera house) with situational examples.

● Singer’s rights – what are one’s subjective and objective boundries? Potential problem solving with situational examples.

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