Mission statement

Cultural environments are quite unique. Possessing an expansive knowledge, coupled with an understanding of specifics, I am able to competently answer questions relating to your personal artistry and career. 

My consulting is based on mutual respect, esteem, trust, and sustainability aimed at building artistic growth and development.

Positive goals and their strategic implementation; constructive interaction with your personal resources and potential; and helping you find solutions by tapping into the ressources already buried deep within you, are the focus of my work.

On the path to your next goal, I am empathetic, insightful, open, and constant. My 20 year experience in theater management, Systemic Coaching, NLP, and Tetralemma supports and facilitates my work.

Let yourself be coached! 

We can never discover new continents until we have the courage to lose sight of all coasts.
André Gide